Music for Families and Toddlers (Baby – 3 1/2 Years)

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Wiggles and Giggles Home Materials
Wiggles and Giggles Home Materials

Home Materials Include:
“Zig Zag Blocks” percussion instrument, 2 music
and movement storybooks
double CD, Home Activity Book,
and cloth mesh carry bag.


Kindermusik “Our Time: Wiggles and Giggles!”

Your little one pushes for chances to explore alone then clings to your side. A music and movement class that involves parent and child together strikes the right chord! “Our Time” treasures the parent-child bond while seeking to engage the children directly in musical discovery. With “Miss Susan” leading the way, we will enjoy a carefully chosen balance of activities each week that will keep these little ones hopping!

Each week children will learn from their peers and older children, enjoying music and movement with percussion instruments, hoops, scarves, and more! Story time, family jams, dancing, musical play, happy singing – every activity encourages discovery and exploration, and fosters sharing and social skills too!  “Wiggles and Giggles!”, this fall’s program, features songs, creative movement, dances, bounces, stories, finger plays, and instrument play alongs that build your
relationship with your child or grandchild, as well as music and life skills!

 Mon. 10:00 – 10:45 am   Sept. 11th – Dec. 18th (no class Oct. 9th)
Mon. 6:15 – 7:00 pm Sept. 11th – Dec. 18th (no class Oct. 9th)
Tues. 11:15 – Noon    Sept. 12th – Dec. 19th (no class Oct. 10th)
Tues. 6:30 – 7:15 pm    Sept. 12th – Dec. 19th (no class Oct. 31st)

Fees (including Tuition, Home Materials and HST):

One Child:  $299  (one adult accompanies)
Two Siblings:  $412 (second child’s tuition is half price); 2 adults may accompany
One Child reusing “Wiggles and Giggles” Home Materials from a previous sibling:  $205  (one adult accompanies)
Two Siblings reusing “Wiggles and Giggles” Home Materials from a previous sibling: $318  (two adults may accompany)


Benefits for Toddlers

Up until about age 3, toddlers are mostly learning by observing and imitating others.  That’s why the magical combination of parent and child with other adults in a Kindermusik class becomes one of the best kinds of opportunities for using music to fuel a child’s learning and development.

  • Language Development – Your child is on the edge of a verbal explosion, and Kindermusik gives her lots of opportunities to practice and develop those budding language skills.  Singing and vocal play along with Story Time, chants, and finger plays all help stimulate language development in a fun and pressure-free way.
  • Vocal Development– For toddlers, learning to use their voices starts with imitating sounds, playing with the many sounds our voices can make, singing short songs, and chanting simple rhymes – all with you as a model andinspiration.
  • Cognitive Development – You’ll be able to enhance your child’s growing comprehension and cognitive skills through happy classroom routines like coming to get instruments and putting them away, musical activities that invite clapping and tapping to music, and themes that engage the toddler’s delightful sense of curiosity and imagination.
  • Gross Motor Skills – Toddlers on the go love all their Kindermusik classes – we’re never still for very long!  From holding and shaking instruments to running and jumping to stopping and going, you will enjoy being part of helping your child’s skills blossom through a wide variety of creative movement.
  • Fine Motor Skills – At a child when your child is becoming more and more independent, a little practice with smaller-sized instruments, finger plays, and turning pages in a book means that the hand muscles learn to cooperate more and more with the brain.
  • Social Emotional Development – There’s no doubt that your toddler is becoming his own little person, but he still needs you as his anchor of security.  Kindermusik ensures your child’s healthy social and emotional development through predictable routines and special rituals, being around other children, practice with sharing, and best of all, play time with you.
  • Musical Development – Toddlers are delighted by music, and there’s no better time than in these early years to inspire what will become a lifelong love for music.  From drumming to singing to dancing together, you’ll love how Kindermusik inspires your daily routines and strengthens the bond you share.
  • Brain Development –  “Miss Susan” is also your guide into how each activity contributes to your child’s development. Kindermusik engages in ongoing research about music and brain development that keep us in the forefront of early childhood music education.