Love Letter to Parents and Grandparents

Dear Parents and Grandparents, Susan Profile Picture 2016

It has been my privilege and passion to share special moments with families like yours for over 30 years! My own musical journey
became evident when I was only a few months old. I am told that I sat on the couch humming and rocking much to the entertainment and delight of my grandparents. As an early childhood music
specialist, I have shared music with hundreds of babies and their parents and grandparents in my studio. I now know that all healthy babies (including yours!) come into the world eager and “wired” to enjoy music!

My parents bounced and rocked and sang to me. They played lively Don Messer fiddle tunes and danced around the kitchen with me. They didn’t have any special training – just the powerful love that drives every parent and grandparent to want to interact with this incredible new little person who has come into their lives. I know that you, too, have felt this overwhelming love and desire to
connect with your child and enjoy each other.

This is really what my music classes are all about – building the special bond between you and your child. This amazing bond will be the lifelong foundation for your child’s well being. According to Dr. Gabor Mate (Hold on to Your Kids) this powerful bond
(“attachment”) between you and your child gives you ‘power to parent’ and your child ‘power-assisted learning’!  

You don’t have to be able to sing a note – your loving voice is
already your child’s favourite sound! Your family life will be
enriched by including musical play. We all want to do this – the challenge becomes fitting it into a family life already so busy with all the demands of being a parent!

At Susans, a time and place is created for this musical play to
happen. In this musical playground we create with other parents, grandparents and children, you and your child will play with lots of instruments that shake, rattle and tap, and enjoy using balls, hoops and scarves among other things. I will sprinkle in friendly
parenting insights throughout our classes that will help you to
understand and celebrate the stages, not just the ages of your child’s development. This is the most fun parenting course you’ll ever take!

Countless studies have verified the significant role that making music has in enhancing all aspects of children’s learning. Since 1986, thousands of Thunder Bay Kindermusik families have seen their children develop those superior social and learning skills that they needed at home, at school, and at play. And it’s fun, fun, fun! 

From your child’s earliest experiences as a newborn, to her
exhilarating life as a young person, your child will find it so much easier to reach her full potential with music in her life. And, as a parent or grandparent, you have an exciting and rewarding part to play.

It would be a joy and privilege having you and your child or
grandchild in one of my music programs. Call me today – I have a program that is right for you and special little one!


BEd, HBMus, Registered Music Teacher (ORMTA), Master Kindermusik Educator