Private Piano Lessons with “Miss Susan” (Sutherland) Richards
Ages 7 to 87! 

As. Mus. Ped. (Piano) Western Conservatory of Music, HBMus, BEd, Ontario Registered Music Teachers As., Canadian Federation of Music Teachers

“Since you started working with me, my relationship to music is evolving into something deeper and more significant.  I always loved music, but now I am no longer a passive listener.  I feel like I am inside the music – like I AM the music!  This is a gift you have given me.  How blessed I am at my age (over 70 years) to have my soul touched in this way.  Thank you, Susan!”         Florence Luke

The Ontario Education Act permits students to be absent from school for up to half a day per week for the music lessons! 

Lessons tailored to you or your child’s interests, needs, and progress!  Opportunities to perform in recitals throughout the year!
Also at Lakehead Music Festival!* Conservatory Canada Examinations!**if desired

Weekly Parental Guidance for Home Practice!     

Lessons run September through June  on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5085 John Street Road (just past Community Hall Road).  

An outline of what is to be practised will be provided weekly.  For
beginners, at least two focused 10 minute practice periods daily, five days per week, are recommended.  As students progress, more daily
practice time will be needed to ensure they enjoy the satisfaction of playing well!

Parents are encouraged to attend the final 5 minutes of each lesson to have their child show them what needs to be prepared for the coming week, and of course, to hear him/her perform!  While
students have their lesson, parents are welcome to enjoy a
complementary beverage by the fireplace in the Waiting Room.

Lessons are paid in advance by post-dated cheques dated
Sept. 5/18,  Nov. 1/18,  Jan. 24/19, March 1/19 and May 1/19.

2019 Fees for Private Lessons:
30 minutes – $28  (recommended for children who are beginners)
40 minutes – $37  (recommended for beginning adults and advanced beginners)
60 minutes – $50  (recommended for advanced youth and adult students)

Theory and Lesson Books will be invoiced separately, as required.

Cancelled lessons cannot be refunded, credited or rescheduled.
(Allowance can be made for lessons missed by students only by
special arrangement in cases of prolonged serious illness.)

In the event of the teacher’s absence, adjustment will be made or a lesson rescheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Please arrive a few minutes before your lesson time starts.  Time lost because of a student’s lateness cannot be made up.  Please make a conscious effort to be fragrance-free when you come to your piano lessons!

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to secure your lesson time (to be applied to the following spring’s tuition).

Email or call me today at 345-4552

to schedule your own or your child’s lesson time!