Which Class is Right for My Child?

Miss Susan has Music for All Ages!

Because every child is unfolding on his/her own schedule, ages for
group classes are only a guideline. You know your child best and
your family’s goals, so choose the one that best fits both.  If you are
still unsure, call me at 345-4552 and I would be happy to guide you.

Levels One to Three each have four independent units over two
years, so you always will have new musical experiences!  Classes run
September – December and January – May.  Each unit is 13 weeks
long. Lessons are 45 minutes.   Summer Adventure Camps are 5 weeks long  (May through June) and lessons are 45 minutes.

Levels Four and Five each have 32 week sequential units (September – June).  Lessons are 1 hour long.

Level One (Infants to 17Months)

Infants will definitely enjoy this class the most.  It has a quieter tone
(and more lifting for adults during dances, so it can be more of a
work out for you, too!)   Babies up to 17 months will also enjoy it.
Once your baby has mastered walking and running, she/he
might enjoy the faster-paced Level Two (Toddler/Family Class for
Babies to Ages 3 1/2). (Lifting is optional in this next class!)
Maximum 12 babies.

In the late fall and spring I also offer a Level One class at Roseview Manor Seniors’ Residence for babies.

Level Two  (Ages Baby to 3 1/2 Years) Toddler and Family Class

All little ones will enjoy this action-packed musical experience,
especially once they have mastered walking and running!  Because
all activities are done in a way that is appropriate for them, there are
as many ways of doing activities as there are toddlers!

Younger babies are also welcome, of course.  If scheduling prevents
you from bringing your baby to a Level One class, come to this Family Class.  As in all my programs, do every activity in a way that
feels safe and happy for you and your child.

This class is also a good choice for families with two young children
under 3 1/2 (if it is impractical to bring each to his/her own class.)
Although not necessary, you can bring a second adult partner if you
are bringing two children.

This is a very precious time as your toddler becomes more
independent.  Once your child is about 3 1/2 years old, you will find
yourself as a parent waving ‘from the sidelines’ more and more (and
from further away as the months and years go by!)  Savour this
precious time as long as you can as your child’s partner.  If he/she is
happy coming with you, stay in Level Two!

Maximum 12 children.

Level Three  (Ages 3 1/2 – 5 Years)

When your child is around 3 1/2 years old, you will know when it’s
time to step back!  Your little one will be happy ‘on his/her own’ for
shorter activities.  In Level Three, children attend the first half hour
with Miss Susan; then families join in the final 15 minutes.

This is a time of exploding imagination, along with the developing
mastery of language to express all those amazing thoughts!  The
Level Three class is very much child-directed, so there are lots of
opportunities for exercising choices, sharing ideas and building
leadership skills.

Pre-literacy and other skills necessary for success in school are
emphasized (all through music play!), so this a great program to
prepare your child for JK or enhance their JK experience.

Because this age group is always bursting with something wonderful
to say, it is a smaller class (maximum 8 children).

You are always your child’s most important teacher, so you are
always a part of your child’s musical experience with me.  Each week
there will be a musical ‘project’ to do together at home (raiding the
recycle bin to make instruments, storytelling with music, etc.  – you will have a Home Activity Book to guide you!)

“Young” five year olds will benefit from Level Three as they mature.
Level Three is also a good choice for families who are only able to
commit to one fall or winter session (rather than the entire school

Levels Four and Five  (2 Year Program for Ages 5 to 7 Years)

  “For most children, even talented ones, the best time to begin formal instrumental training is about age seven when the brain refines its ability to combine sequences from different senses simultaneously.”
(Dr. Jane Healy , Your Child’s Growing Mind)

Levels Four and Five set your child up for success for future formal
instrumental lessons.  Perfect for lively kids who love music, but are
not ready to do the focused daily practice required to master an

Children attend the group lesson with Miss Susan.   We enjoy
instrumental ensembles, singing, dancing, creative movement,
musical storytelling, learning to read and write musical notation, and
much more, all through musical play!

Parents and families join in the final 10 minutes of each one hour
class to participate, and find out what the weekly musical ‘project’ is!
(Always something fun to keep the learning alive at home!)

Begin Level Four when your child is entering SK or Grade 1, unless
they are a “young” five or turn five later in the year.  (In which case,
Level Three is usually the best choice!)

Begin Level Five if your child has completed Level Four, or if he /she
is 7 years old (entering Grade 2).


Ages 7 – 87 Private Piano Lessons

“For most children, even talented ones, the best time to begin formal
instrumental training is about age seven when the brain refines its ability
to combine sequences from different senses simultaneously.”

(Dr. Jane Healey , Your Child’s Growing Mind)

If you or your child love  ‘exploring’ your home piano, and are ready
to sit down and practise every day, it’s time to begin learning how to
play the piano!