Susans Kindermusik of Thunder Bay Policies:

  Due to life-threatenening allergies, please respect that my studio is SCENT-FREE (including hair products, perfume, etc.) and NUT FREE.  Because so many products contain scents (laundry
detergent, etc.) thank you for your conscious effort to be
fragrance free
on your Kindermusik day.  For your own health and safety please wear or bring socks.

  In case of inclement weather, if the city buses are running,      Kindermusik is on.  If in doubt, call to hear a recording on my VoiceMail after 8:30 am (345-4552).

   Missed lessons are still charged, so do try to attend every           lesson, health permittingIf you or your child is not feeling well (cough, fever, runny nose, etc.) please DO NOT come to class.  It’s sad to miss Kindermusik, but even sadder to share
illness with our music friends!  (You may make up unlimited
classes during each session, so call (345-4552) or email me to schedule a class when all is well!)

♪ Make up classes must be made up during the session in which you are enrolled.  If you cannot make it to your scheduled class for any reason, please call me as soon as possible.  When I know about openings in advance, I can take the opportunity of your absence to schedule other make-up classes or visits.  Of course, I would be happy to schedule a make-up class for you   – please call (345-4552) or email me to make

   Plan to arrive about 5 – 10 minutes before class.  Please keep toys, juice cups, and pacifiers out of sight, and finish snacks prior to class.  (Breastfeeding during class is fine or use the nursery if you wish.)  Wash hands or use unscented hand sanitizer before and after every class.

   At the end of each session we celebrate together!  You are       welcome to bring other family members to this class, and take pictures.  Remind guests to come fragrance-free. Please respect the privacy of our families and do not post
pictures online of anyone else in your child’s class without their
express permission.

Participants agree that pictures and/or videos taken by Susan Richards or her authorized party may be used in promotion (ex. Facebook) without further consent and without remuneration.  (Permission is granted or withheld on your registration form,
according to your wishes.)

  Participants agree that Susan’s Kindermusik of Thunder Bay may correspond by email to the address provided by the              participant.  (Participants may unsubscribe by clicking the         “unsubscribe” button on any email.)

   Due to limited class sizes and the delicacy of the younger class settings, one adult only accompanies in baby and toddler classes.  (Two adults may attend in Family classes when bringing two

  Many parents tell me that they see a completely different child at home as they share Kindermusik activities there.  It’s okay if your child is more comfortable observing during our class.  If your child cannot focus on the present activity – don’t worry, but do actively attempt to help them re-focus or quietly engage them in                participating in their own way.

   “It takes a village to raise a child” and we all understand that young children are still learning how to interact in a group setting. However, I do ask that you be sensitive not to compromise the safety or enjoyment of others in class.  If your child is having      difficulty focusing or participating, gently redirect his or her             attention.  If your child becomes disruptive (crying, screaming,     running – it happens to all of us!), please step outside and give your child a moment to calm.  Do come back in as soon as you can! 

   I love that parents connect with other parents, but please visit     before or after class, and not during class time!  

   Thank you for turning off your cell phone ringer during class, and keeping this time precious for your and your child.

  You acknowledge that “Miss Susan” does everything possible to keep you and your child(ren) safe, and release any and all rights and claims for damages against Susan’s Kindermusik and Susan Richards, herself, in the unlikely event of injury sustained by you or your child(ren) during the course of your enrollment at Susan’s Kindermusik.

 There is a $25 administrative fee for NSF cheques and
withdrawal before Lesson One.

Refund Policy:  I will refund the balance of tuition (less Home     Materials and $25 administrative fee) until Lesson 2 of 5 and 7 week programs, and until Lesson 3 of regular fall and winter 14 week
programs. Families are responsible for lessons up to the time I am notified in writing, whether or not the student has
attended classes. 

My goal is to make Kindermusik a highlight of your week! If you have any questions or concerns, please call (345-4552) or email me so I can help!